Hybrids! are a cross between two strains of cannabis and typically exhibit traits from both their parents. This cross-genetic breeding helps breeders create plants and flowers that might be adapted to certain climates, as well as illnesses or conditions like anxiety, depression, or pain.


For example, if you’re looking for the stimulating effects that can cause an increased level of energy try out a Sativa strain while if you’re looking for more “chill” effects by most likely choose an Indica variety that tends to make users feel relaxed and sleepy. Hybrids also contain higher amounts of THC than CBD but don’t worry consuming these will not get you “high” since there’s still less than 0.3% psychoactive THC in each hybrid strain.


Appearance: Hybrid strains can come in many sizes and shapes. Some are tall while others have short bushy leaves. The color of the flowers on hybrid plants tends to be a combination of both their parents-light green with orange hairs or darker green with reddish-orange hair.


Effects: Depending on which strain was cross-bred will depend on what you can expect when consuming it. The effects can range from feeling relaxed/sleepy to energetic depending upon whether it’s an Indica or Sativa type of strain.


  • Medical benefits: There are some hybrid strains that have been created for medical use, such as pain-relieving CBD oil that may benefit people suffering from epilepsy, arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis (MS), and even cancer.


  • Taste: While the base of flavor is determined by its parent strains, this type of cannabis strain will typically have a fruity taste (due to its high sugar content). However, it could also be described as earthy or sweet-smelling with hints of vanilla or berries.


  • Side effects: Since Indica strains tend to make users feel tired or sleepy some people might experience feelings of dizziness or dry mouth when under their influence — but most people describe feeling relaxed instead!


  • Popular Strains: A few popular hybrid strains are Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and the Hindu Kush.


  • Grow time: It might take until the harvest date for this type of cannabis plant to fully grow before being ready for harvest in comparison to Sativa plants which typically grow faster.


  • Daytime or nighttime use: Hybrid strains are normally used during the day rather than in the evening because of their effects. Hybrid strains can make users feel energetic and uplifting, making them a desired strain to consume during daytime activities such as working out at the gym or taking care of daily chores around the house.