Sativa! originated in Southeast Asia and is known for its long skinny leaves, high THC levels, and uplifting cerebral effects. Sativa is often used during the daytime to provide users with focused attention while also boosting creative energy.


Appearance: Sativa! plants are traditionally tall, have light green buds covered in bright orange or red hairs, and can have a skunky smell when dried (due to lower CBD/THC content).


Effects: When using Sativa you might experience feelings of euphoria, heightened creativity, increased focus as well as a feeling of being more awake and aware.


  • Medical benefits: Sometimes referred to as “heady” cannabis strains since they can make your head feel spacey or cloudy, Sativa strains are often used to increase energy, focus, and a sense of well-being.


  • Taste: Tangy/citrus flavor with some hints of spice found in most Sativa strains.


  • Side effects: side effects can include: anxiety, paranoia, and/or headache.


  • Popular strains: A few popular sativa strains are Acapulco Gold, Durban Poison & Panama Red.


  • Grow time: Sativa plants tend to grow a bit longer than Indica strains and take long periods of time before being ready for harvest.


  • Daytime or nighttime use:   Sativa is used best during the day and may be too stimulating for users looking to sleep at night.