Learn About Cannabis Products

There are many ways to use cannabis and incorporated into our systems. Whether it be for medicinal purposes or purely recreational there are a variety of ways to enjoy your experience.


Cannabis flowers are the dried and cured byproduct of a fully matured cannabis plant that can now be smoked with the homies or the hubby. These nugs or buds if you will now be turned into anything from medicinal creams to cakes and concentrates for a variety of ways to medicate.


If you want to get high or I mean heavily medicated, then concentrates will get you there and QUICK! So beware; this beautiful golden goo is the purest form of cannabis once extracted but is also available in CBD for those just wanting a quicker onset of their medication without the recreational effects.


A delicious alternative to the traditional puff, puff pass; edibles are the go-to for both new and seasoned cannabis users alike. Food speaks to far more senses than any other consumption method with the fastest onset of effects and endless culinary uses for medication its hard not to enjoy edibles.


Cannabis vaporizers have a love, hate relationship in the culture but none the less they are one of the most popular and efficient ways to consume cannabis. This is because the herb/oil is heated in a device enough to turn concentrate or herb into vapor extracting more potent aromas and flavors.