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About Us

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Yes, I love that stinky sweet bud, and like the plant I have many layers that make myself and Bud Wize what some would call special. I’m a web designer and digital marketer out of Chicago with a passion for art and before that, I was a chef for 10 years. Crazy switch right? 

This was only the start of my journey but I made sure that I took all of my past experiences to create a brand based on education, innovation, laughter, and of course cannabis! Subscribe to my channel or checkout my blog to learn more about 420 culture and Bud Wize, cheers!

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What Is Bud Wize?

  • Authenticity I am, who I am. Being genuine and true to yourself is a value Bud Wize holds close.
  • Creativity Bud Wize represents my work and personal style, showing my strong values for creativity and artistic expression.
  • Entrepreneurship I've ventured into different business realms, and continue to diversify my knowledge as an entrepreneur.
  • 420 Advocacy Bud Wize supports cannabis and the culture, often integrating it into our content to help others stay informed.
  • Community Bud Wize frequently interacts with its fan base, showing a value for community building and engagement.
  • Laugh and Chill The Bud Wize vibe is simple, a sense of humor and a laid-back attitude go a long way.
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 "My love of 420 culture makes me want to share my knowledge and experiences with cannabis. I've been fortunate enough to learn from and grow with other cannabis enthusiasts in the community; so I hope that whatever experiences or knowledge I gain, can help others, cheers!
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  • Grow quality bud from start to finish.
  • Industry trends from products to travel.
  • Information and studies for new and even seasoned enthusiasts.
Grow tips, industry trends, seeds, sales, and more!
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More From Bud Wize

There are a lot more things coming with Bud Wize. Also in development, we’re working on different content concepts. We want to offer more than just 420 culture information because what stoner doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Also on the board are custom smoke accessories and BW Gear, but in the meantime, you can just check out our streetwear fashion website Data Drip Designs for some dope gear!.

Recretional Medicine

Get Wize, Learn How To Smoke and Grow Like a Pro

The recreational cannabis lifestyle centers around relaxation, creativity, and community. Users enjoy enhanced sensory experiences and social gatherings where we can share good smokes and experiences. The culture is more than that good sticky and includes cannabis-infused culinary experiments, innovations, and artistic expression. Advocacy for legalization and responsible use is also integral. Use should always be responsible and legal of course. 


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