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Bud Wize was created by Derek Prater, a Chicagoan originally from the west side of Chicago. Bud Wize was created with the purpose of providing both new and continued cannabis users in Illinois and beyond with cannabis information from growing and uses to recipes; for better understandings of cannabis and cannabis products.
 "My love of 420 culture makes me want to share my knowledge and experiences with cannabis. I've been fortunate enough to learn from and grow with other growers and cannabis enthusiasts in the community; so I hope that whatever experiences or knowledge I gain, can be share with the world, cheers to 420."
Derek Prater

BW Grows & Smokes

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We at Bud Wize are always working on new projects. Currently our biggest focus is our cannabis grow and information series; but we’re always looking for more content and fresh ideas. Right now we are developing and editing content for YouTube, Instagram and a few other platforms. So definitely followers to keep up to date with more 420 information and culture!

More From Bud Wize

There are a lot more things coming with Bud Wize. Also in development we’re working on some different levels of animations and Bud Wize toons; this is our own personal comic strip staring Bud. We want to offer more than just 420 culture information because what stoner doesn’t enjoy a good laugh 😂. Also on the board are custom smoke accessories and BW Gear, but in the meantime you can just check out our partner site Smoke Wize for some of our other products.