Sweet Amnesia Strain: A Hazy Review

Mmmm, Sweet Amnesia Haze

Did you know that Sweet Amnesia Haze (also known as Sweet Amnesia Haze) is good for stress and chronic fatigue? This positivity power strain was created through the cross-breeding of Thai, Afghani, and Hawaiian landraces by Amsterdam’s soma seeds; the only real difference between sweet amnesia haze and amnesia haze is the slightly higher terpene levels in the sweet amnesia haze strain. This sativa day strain is definitely something to puff on when you are getting into a busy day and want to micro-dose or just sitting the office and let those creative juices flow; either way, this high-yielding flower is definitely a go-to if you’re having a bummer day or need a pick me up! So let’s learn some more about amnesia haze.

What does it Look Like?

Sweet Amnesia haze has thin lime peel green leaves that are attributed to its obvious heavy sativa genetics, so you don’t really get much diversity until about 8 weeks from germination, that’s when the real beauty begins. At full maturity it gets between 4ft indoors and 6ft outdoors (could be more), in veg you get heavy citrus scents that deepen later into the flower; by week 2 of the flower you should start to see small white hairs form at the top of the colas and by week 6 its leaves should be as frosty white as its colas, sparkling under your lighting as if it was covered in diamond dust and its beauty lasts until about week 8 when you chop, dry and smoke.

Is Growing Sweet Amnesia Haze Easy?

The short answer is YES, indoors or during spring and summer (if not in an always sunny state) because it doesn’t do well with temperature drops. This is a rapidly growing strain with record-high yields (no pun intended) so anticipate setting a few hours off to the side at the end of your grow for chopping and drying. This strain also needs extended periods of attention due to its longer flowering periods ranging from 8-10 weeks. This includes checking the pH levels, protective measures (pest control), training, etc. Pruning once a week after about 3-4 established nodes also helps sweet amnesia haze due to its naturally bushy nature for optimal light and air penetration.

The thermometer shows the temperature of the cannabis plant environment

Conditions for Growing Amnesia Haze:

Amnesia haze can be grown either outdoors (field) or indoors (greenhouse) and requires warmer climates, about 70 ° -85 °F (21-29 °C temperature can vary). Though the veg stage requires a slightly more humid environment for most plants and germination, this plant does best at no more than 60% humidity; so provides optimum conditions and gets maximum growth. Your media (if organic growing) should contain all necessary nutrients or your water should when hydrating plants I hate to stress this but with this particular strain you you should pay close attention to airflow needs because it can get bushy and without regular defoliation, pests or even mold can become an issue.  If you are growing in pots, be sure to have a big enough pot to start or multiple sizes if transplanting if growing in dwc change water once per week. The yield of sweet amnesia haze can vary from strain to strain but is usually about 400-650g or about 1- 1.5 pounds. Always pick a high-yielding cultivar, a site I use Seedsman.

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Effects and Flavors of Amnesia Haze Strain?

Sweet Amnesia haze also known as the “Ultra-Hybrid” or “Ami Weed” has some surprisingly euphoric and medical capabilities; this strain can enhance happiness levels as well as energy, and the effects on bad mood swings and chronic pains are mind-blowing. The added benefit is that you can enjoy various flavors like lemon, cedar, and even a bit of spice in a single hit with a sweet amnesia haze; these terpene profiles are also associated with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. In a nutshell, with a blend of herbal, earthy, and citrus flavors this strain is meant to turn a frown upside down.

Is it a Good Starter Strain?

 Of course! Its a pretty highly reviewed strain most consumers claimed that it’s the most refined strain they’ve ever toked and others go as far as to say it filled their lives with smiles and power. In short whether you’re a slow mover or just need a laugh this train is pretty good all around.

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Amnesia Haze Strain Benefits from a Medical Point of View:

Sweet amnesia haze is a balance of Sativa 70-80% (dominant) and indica 20-30% strains. This adds active effects based on strain types and are utilized for many purposes; usually helpful for those with particular for severe pains like headaches or muscle pains. A few sips, puffs or bits from anything infused with this strain has seen results proven to effectively treat people suffering from anxiety, depression, headache, mood sickness, anorexia, some stress, and tiredness. In short, this is a pretty top shelf strain but here are a few known effects that come with this bud because while its still medical for some, its enjoyable for all:

  • Famous for mind relaxation
  • Smiles and giggles
  • Used to treat the mood disorder
  • Depression relief
  • Headache relief
  • Motivation and energy

Is Sweet Amnesia Haze Good for Anxiety?

The sweet amnesia haze strain is bred with a content of less than 0.1% CBD but abundant in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that ranges from 16-22%. This is marked as an active element with relaxing properties as recommended after scientific research for meditating anxiety, in conjunction with its known active terpene profiles. Alternatively, you may find CBD strains or other products with the same possible effects minus the obvious high.

Thoughts on this Strain:

Sweet amnesia haze gives a smooth smoking experience when well cultivated and is considered by most, “the best top shelf strain for mobile and moody smokers”, after taking that first piney, sweet puff you’ll instantly appreciate its delicate flavor and aromas as you fill the room with a light but sweet dankness. For a creative session or gaming session this is an incredible strain, if you’re interested in learning to grow your own check out this start-to-finish grow guide.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever smoked this strain or got a value, we’d honestly love to know so until our next article smoke and Grow Bud Wize!

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