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Germinating your cannabis is an essential step in the life of your plant; that is where life begins. Having healthy seeds in your Cannabis farm means you will have high yields from your plants.

There are methods you may employ in germinating seeds- some may be more successful than others.

Bud Wize will take you through ways you can Germinate your cannabis seeds and some critical strategies for the best results to show up.

However, before then, germination is one of the most significant factors in growing a successful crop down the road. You should strive to ensure your seeds will eventually grow healthy. Germination being a process, some factors fall in place in it.

What Are The Factors Affecting Germination Of Your Cannabis Seeds?

Here is an overview of the premium germination practices that one needs to observe before going through the various methods.

1. Water

Hard cannabis seeds can be soaked for up to thirty-two hours. However, twenty-four hours under normal circumstances is enough.

Do not over-soak your Cannabis seeds. Soaking your seeds over a long period might damage them. Your cannabis seeds will begin to sprout once the presence of heat and water is manifested.

Once the optimum conditions for germination are achieved, the taproot will start burrowing through the seed’s shell.

If the seed’s root happens to break the shell and finds no water, it dies. You should ensure your seed’s roots are moist and the ample moisture is consistent.

2. Heat

Over ages, heat is arguably the most complicated aspect to maintain in germination. One has to be conscious of being “warm” and “hot.”

While considering when to grow your seeds, Spring temperatures are convenient. Even though marijuana seeds can germinate under colder weather, the process might take longer.

Seedlings Germinate faster when the air is humid. If one needs to raise the temperatures on their farm, they can try using incandescent bulbs. The bulbs are usually placed over the seedbed.

3. Care

Seedlings tend to give their best once undisturbed. While checking their taproots, one should handle them with caution. One Shouldn’t even touch the white taproot since it might break off.

4. Planting

Planting your already germinated seeds too deep into the soil might not be necessary. At Least ½” into the soil will work.  Point your seed’s white taproot into the soil for the plant to be ideally oriented.

5. Are My Marijuana Seeds In A Good Condition?

Sowing seeds that are in good condition will increase survival chances. According to BudWizelife seed specialists, dark marijuana seeds are Most likely (under optimum conditions) to germinate. ®

Viable seeds shouldn’t be powder-like. From the word go, they won’t even Germinate since they are already destroyed.

Given that all marijuana plants grow from seed, most cannabis growers would love to know how to test for seed viability.

Honestly, it might be difficult to tell if a seed will do well by just looking at it. However, there are some signs. Generally, pale green or white seeds might not germinate readily. However, this might not necessarily reflect the plant’s outcome.

If you cannot use all the seeds at once, you should store them in an ideal place until another opportunity arises.

Ultimate Guide To Germinating Your Marijuana Seeds; 5 Methods

The best marijuana germination method is that one method that will give you the best seedlings.

What Are The Methods To Germinate Your Cannabis?

1. The Paper & Towel Method

The paper towel is amongst the methods through which they can get their seedlings. In this method, one requires healthy cannabis seeds by Bud Wize, two clean plates, and paper towels.

While deciding on the kind of towels to use, one may opt for cheap paper towels since they are not porous.

With the non-porous papers, one can comfortably lay down their seeds without them getting stuck. Cannabis roots can grow through high-quality towel papers.

Despite being a simple method with it, one could easily break the root in moving the seedlings.

There are chances that the towel paper might dry out as well.

As a result, the survival chances of your seeds drop drastically. Whichever the scenario, here is the process:

What Steps Are In The Paper & Towel Method?

1 – Take up to four paper towels; soak in distilled water. While it is crucial to soak your papers, make sure they don’t drip off the water.

2 – Place two of the sheets on a plate. Lay your Cannabis seeds, keeping some distance in between each seed. Lastly, cover them with the other two paper sheets.

3 – Cover your hemp seeds with another plate. It will help keep them moist. That’s your low-cost seedbed. You should keep an eye on them to see if they sprout.

4 – Store your seeds in a house whose temperature ranges between 70-90 Fahrenheit.

5 – Now you have to be patient! Cannabis seeds take up to four days to sprout if they are not old.  

6 –  While checking your seeds, ensure the paper sheets are always saturated. Add some water to avoid drying up.

Once the seeds split, it’s a sign that the long-anticipated germination has taken place. Make a point not to touch the seed’s taproot while transplanting.

2. Direct Planting

Also called direct seed, sowing seeds into the soil growing medium can plant Cannabis seeds.  

While sowing Bud Wize seeds, ensure a large enough container in which your cannabis seeds will sprout and grow afterward. The container should as well be having a sound drainage system. Be conscious while trying to keep the soil moist not to make it soggy.

According to Bud Wize experts, a pH value of 7.0 for the soil is ideal. Neutral soil helps seeds grow faster when compared to saline and acidic soils.

The rule of the thumb: if the soil’s surface gets dry, you can dig an inch through it and add some water.

One of the benefits of using this method in planting your seeds is that the seeds don’t have to be transported; hence there is no risk of them breaking that comes with movement.

Your cannabis seedlings should adjust to the new environment that they are in and sprout.

3. Seedling Plugs & Starter Cubes

The use of starter cubes & a seedling plug is one of the methods that one can use to sow their Cannabis seeds.  

The cubes will make cannabis germination easy.

By placing your cannabis seeds in the cube or plug and watering them, they stand a chance to sprout. Each cube has a hole through which one can sow cannabis seeds.

By using this method, your plants stand a chance of Germinating without dying off.

Assuming one places their cannabis seeds in a seedbed with the right temperature, they should be sure to have their seedlings in a few days. This method is more of a “set and forget” sowing method with the premade seed hole.

4. Overnight Soaking

Overnight soaking of your Cannabis seeds is as easy as option #3.

The method involves placing your Bud Wize seeds in warm water glass for a night. The method is more often used where the seeds are hard.

Soaking helps bring them back to life. After placing your seeds in lukewarm water, they might float for some hours before resolving for the bottom.

Seeds should be left to be in the water for at least thirty-two hours. Otherwise, they might drown. If, after that point, there are no signs of spouting, you can then opt for the paper towel method.

5. A Germination Station

A seed germination station offers Cannabis cultivators an easy way through which to have their weed seedlings.

For farmers without experience, after purchasing their cannabis seeds online from BudWizelife, they usually dispose of them in the germination station and wait to see seeds.

What is A Seed Germination Station?

A seed germination station is a device whose role is to provide growing space for seeds. The device has optimal conditions that maximize the survival chances of the seeds.

The device comes with a heat mat. Its role is to maintain warmth and moisture for the seeds.

One may house seedlings in the station until the roots attain at least a 1” length.

Components of A Seed Germination Station

To enhance the survival of your seeds and for the best results, the gadget comprises of;

  • A Waterproof Mat– One can use it to keep the device warm.
  • Humidity dome– The dome helps in retaining moisture for the cannabis seeds to grow.

How Can I Use A Germination Station?

The seed germination station will allow you to use any medium you might opt for while sowing your seeds.

Here are the steps:

1 – Soak your cannabis seeds for about twenty-four hours in water.

2 – Put your marijuana seeds in the cells. Cover them with a thin layer of any medium you opt for.

3 – Be keen to see the first leaves after your seeds sprout. Place a lighting medium over them afterward.

While using this method for germination, the use of light is not a prerequisite. Hence, you may opt not to provide light at all.

Where Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Buy Bud Wize Marijuana Seeds

Although marijuana seeds might cost more than pennies, the hassle is worth what you will yield out of your cannabis farm.

 Thanks to the plenty of cannabis flowers you will harvest from your plant at the end of the season.

However, at Bud Wize, we understand the hesitation in finding hemp seeds once the growing season comes along. That is why we present you with the best quality marijuana-growing seeds that you can plant using our seed germination methods.

We always have our popular marijuana seeds on sale to help you make the best out of your farm.  Keep a close eye on our seed offerings; since they are dynamic. We usually introduce new seeds on our platform upon demand (that’s why we are here)

Welcome to your best premium cannabis seeds marketplace.

If you may not find your best strain on our website by any chance, do not hesitate to reach us through Bud Wize social media channels!

Take Away

At Bud Wize, we will help you walk through the cannabis germination process with our highly skilled cannabis specialists.

We pride our website on being one of the easiest to navigate through, with our vast cannabis products collection and marijuana seeds and still working round the clock to enhance our services.

We honestly believe there is some perfect cannabis product for everyone at Bud Wize, no matter your budget, personal reasons, or medical history. Speak to us about the strain you love most to see and watch us do the magic to you!

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